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Petrol vs Electric Golf Carts; what’s the difference?

by | Apr 21, 2021 | 0 comments

What to consider in choosing between the petrol vs electric golf carts?

This is one of the most important choices you can make in selecting a golf cart for golf. The choice of petrol vs electric is an important one, let us go through the advantages and disadvantages of both by evaluating according to purchase cost, maintenance, operational cost, speed and range.

Purchase price

Electric and petrol golf carts are very similarly priced, with electric golf carts being definitely the cheapest of the two. If you purchase a golf cart with lithium batteries in, this somewhat increases the price. Many golf cart dealers are buying old chassis from electric golf cart and converting them into petrol golf carts, many dealers are doing this as well as there is a fairly large demand coming from game farms and other African countries. We at Wedge Golf Carts have a strong source of suppliers of these.

Maintenance and operational cost

So lets compare them both, the maintenance costs in petrol golf carts is slightly more expensive as there are more parts needed such as drive belts, spark plugs and filters. The operational costs of petrol over electric are also more expensive, but this is vastly dependant on the cost of petrol vs electricity in your country, in a country like South Africa where electricity is continually going up, this cost needs to be analysed. We have not yet done this study, but as most research shows in the United States, electric is a lot cheaper to run from an operational cost point of view. The big expense in terms of electric vehicles is the cost of batteries, these have to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. The cost of these needs to be worked out over a period of how often you would use the cart or miles covered and the cost of replacing these batteries for your golf cart.

Golf cart range

Okay so the golf cart range for electric vs petrol golf carts is totally different and if you are looking for a greater range there’s no doubt that petrol golf carts are the way to go. The total range is 40 to 70 kilometres for electric golf carts vs 400 kilometres for gasoline golf carts. This is a signifant difference in range and worth considering.

Comfort of driving

Comfort of driving and refuelling or recharging the vehicles need to be taken into consideration. The electric golf carts are most definitely give you less noise and are a smoother ride too. The major thing here is that electric golf carts take much longer to recharge than fuel, but the major disadvantage is that petrol golf carts have terrible fumes and spilling from your jerry can onto your cart is fairly likely.


In Conclusion, the following is important.

An electric golf cart should be chosen if speed, low noise level, no fumes, lower purchase, maintenance and operational cost one should choose an electric golf cart.

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Written by Nicholas J Snaith

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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