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At Wedge Golf we believe in all the various benefits of using golf carts on and off the course. Golf carts have so many applications in modern society and we cater to your every need.


The general design of golf carts is to provide convenient, short distance travel. Because golf courses tend to be far and wide in size, their ease of use comes into play. There are many different benefits to owning golf carts. With golf cart prices going down, it should not be much of an issue to get a golf cart for business. So, what are the benefits of owning golf carts?

Affordable Maintenance

Parts, upkeep, and general maintenance of a golf cart are cost-effective to a degree. Many of the parts are affordable, so it shouldn’t give you too many headaches. If ever you need to bring your golf carts to Wedge Golf, the repairs will cost you less than cars.

Strong Fuel Savings

In matters of fuel savings, golf carts are sustainable and cost-effective. Whether you’re using gas-type golf carts or electric golf carts, you’ll see great fuel economy for sure.

If you use golf carts to go around your business, all you need is to charge up your golf carts. You’ll be good to go.

Superior Mobility

One of the stellar points of having golf carts is mobility. Using a car is not always the best solution, especially for short distances, that is where golf carts come in.

Since golf carts are electric or gas, they’re not expensive to use in short bursts. You can go a few dozen meters or so, stop then use it again. For businesses, can give you or your employees a nice advantage that speeds up movement.


Ease of Use

If you have experience driving full-sized vehicles, driving golf carts can be a breeze. They also have great movement and turning.

These vehicles have a nice turning radius. They can squeeze into smaller spots where even a small hatchback can’t go into. This makes it a great vehicle for senior citizens and the whole family.

Golf carts are solid options for both family and business. They’re light, compact and their ease of use is stellar.


Petrol vs Electric Golf Cart


    • Country and Equestrian Clubs
    • Universities and Campuses
    • Airports and Cargo Facilities
    • Retirement Villages and Communities
    • Camps, Parks and Rec Facilities
    • Airport
    • and many more!


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