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Split windscreen or full golf cart windscreen?

by | Apr 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Split Golf cart windshields, what’s important in choosing a golf cart windscreen?

To find out more about pricing on windscreens email: admin@wedgegolf.co.za

There are a number of functions when choosing a golf cart windscreen that should and will influence your choice. I think one of the biggest influencers is in choosing either a solid windscreen or a split golf cart windscreen.

Split vs solid golf cart windscreen

This should make up your mind fairly quickly, when driving a golf cart having that fresh air breeze on your face makes a big difference. This is exactly what the split golf cart windscreen allows a golfer, the option of having a full windscreen in front of them selves or having the fresh unhindered view full breeze windscreen on their face choice. Obviously the split windscreen has become the most popular choice of windscreen of the two.

Material of golf cart windscreens

The other important aspect here is the material that your windscreen is made out of, there are a number of choices here, we make to order windscreens for all the golf carts and a combination of acrylic and polycarbonate, allows just enough flexibility in the windscreens whilst still allowing enough strength to stop them from breaking from impact of golf balls etc.

Ez-go, Club Car, Yamaha, Melex golf cart windscreens

Send us your golf cart make for example Ez-go, Club Car, Yamaha, Melex and the model of your golf cart and also importantly is your serial number of your golf cart. The best is to send a picture of your serial number from your golf cart, we need this information in supplying you with the correct golf cart windscreen.  We supply golf cart windscreens for Ez-go, Club Car, Melex, Yamahas in fact any of the major brands of golf carts.

Installation of golf cart windscreens

No matter how big your orders are we can manufacture and supply the golf cart windscreens to any area in South Africa, we can hand deliver your windscreen through our proficient delivery service any where in South Africa. Many of our clients are based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and far reaching areas throughout South Africa.

Installation of your golf cart windscreen is fairly easy and can be done by one self.

We supply an instruction manual along with all the fittings to fit your golf cart windscreen.

To find out more about pricing on windscreens email: admin@wedgegolf.co.za

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Written by Nicholas J Snaith

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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