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What to consider before buying your golf cart tyres?

Supplier of golf cart tyres

At Wedge Golf carts we supply all different types of golf cart tyres, we can recommend based on the frequency and use of your vehicle and the type of golf course you play most often. Budget can also be a constraint, taking all into consideration let us send you a proposed tyre offering.

Low Profile Golf Cart Tyre sizes?

So low profile tyres are generally thinner than high profile tyres Low profile golf cart tyres can be bought in 8”, 10”, 12” & 14”. All of the major brands including EZ-GO, Club Car and Yamaha golf carts can take 8, 10, 12, and 14 inch low-profile tires.

High Profile Golf Cart sizes?

High profile tires also known as high terrain tyres, are generally thicker and made to fit any golf cart that are available in 8”, 10”, 12” & 14”.

Let’s speak about golf cart tyre tread?

There are 5 different tread options available for golf cart tyres. These 5 options are 1) knobby tyres; 2) sand tyres; 3) all terrain tyres; 4) standard street tyres & 5) smooth tyres.

Knobby Tyres

Come in almost hundreds of different patterns. Most of these tires only have a slight difference in the shape of each knob. The design of the knobs is designed in order to help the golf cart perform better under certain types of terrains.

Sand tyres

The main purpose of golf cart tyres is to get the golf cart through the sandy sections or allocations of the course. These tyres have been designed with almost paddles that maximizes traction to eliminate slipping and sliding around.

All Terrain Tyres

Are the most suitable for mild-off roading and typical golf course use. They have adequate tread to accommodate mild off-road use.

Street Tires

They are designed with a very mild tread. These are obviously the most popular golf cart tire as they do have enough tread to be used on the golf course along with on the road as well.

Smooth Tyres

Have very limited tread or no tread at all, these are mostly used by golf course attendants that mow golf greens.

Golf cart tyre has developed a leak, now what?

We recommend that you replace the tyre. You do not necessarily have to replace all the tyres, just replacing the one tyre should be adequate for now. Many golfers will use patches and other home remedies, these tend to work over the short term, but golf tyres are generally not that expensive and just repairing it is not the answer for the long term.

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Enjoy your golf!

Written by Nicholas J Snaith

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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