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Golf cart maintenance in the Western Cape

Golf carts need to be looked after on a fairly regular basis, when they are looked after they won’t need replacing for a long time. You should be able to get a lot of value out of a well maintained golf cart that will last a long time. If you are going to purchase a new cart, make sure that you buy and invest in a golf cart that you are able to get parts, accessories and is maintained and serviced with qualified individuals.

1. Batteries should always be charged when not in use

The greatest benefit of electric golf carts is the convenience of just plugging in your golf cart, instead of taking it down to the petrol station to fill it with gas. Making sure you’re your golf carts batteries are always charged and ready for use is the best way to gain access to your golf car and having your golf cart batteries maintained as well.

2. Water level is everything

In addition to charging your golf cart batteries up regularly, you also need to keep a close eye on the water levels in them. Your battery lead plates need to be completely submerged in water to work correctly. To have them submerged, add distilled water directly to your batteries until the water levels sit about 2cm above the lead plates on your batteries. Please
remember to do this on a fairly frequent basis, if you use your golf cart on a fairly regular basis, then the more regularly it is used then the more frequently this must be checked – ok.

3. Connections in your batteries must be clean

So regular cleaning is worth looking into, all the connections should be clean and tight. There shouldn’t be any corrosion and dirt coating the connections of your golf carts batteries. If you need expert advice in this regard please feel free to contact us and ask for our advice regarding your golf cart.
If there is corrosion of dirt and grit, create a solution using water and baking soda and clean them. This will help with the batteries maintaining a strong connection.

4. Tyres should be filled with air

Your golf cart tyres are essential in providing a good ride, please check your tyres on a fairly regular basis. If you notice that your golf cart tyres are going towards the flat part, then I strongly advise that this is inflated as ounce, not only will you get a more smoother ride but you will also have much longer last out of your tyres.


Wedge Golf Carts now have a fully equipped golf cart workshop in the Industrial area of HermanusBook A Service

5. Break pads inspected once a year

On a yearly basis you should inspect your brakes, your brake pads, drums and cables all need
to be inspected and adjusted on a fairly regular basis.
You may bring your golf cart to us, to handle the maintenance of your brakes.

6. Oil leaks

The most common form of oil leak is from your rear differential. If this is giving you
problems, climb under neath your golf cart and check to see if there is oil build up on this rear differential. Oil leaks should be looked at straight away before they lead to sever and more longer term damage.

7. Don’t overload your golf cart

Many of our customers that own commercial properties, resorts, game farms, wine farms often transport heavy loads at a time around their dwelling. Make sure that your cart is not over loaded, this can cause significant strain and stress on the golf car.

8. 12 month golf cart professional service

Regardless of the personal maintenance that you do on a regular basis on your own cart, there are things that will go wrong with the cart that require a professional service in order to get the cart up and ready to go, this would be a professional service where every aspect of the cart is checked on an annual basis.

9. Golf cart windscreens

There are so many benefits that are overlooked, which include protection from the external elements of the wind, rain and golf balls. The number of golf balls that go through golf cart windscreens on a daily is extraordinary. The split windscreens are the latest trend, allowing golfers the freedom of not having their windscreens up and having that fresh air blowing in their faces, is always a nice to have. Flexibility is key. We at Wedge Golf can install generic and genuine windscreens for your golf cart.

10. Golf cart lights rear and front

An often overlooked aspect of golf carts is their rear and front lights of the golf carts. The
lights are often a requirement at many of the security estate, and often insurance companies
will only take the golf cart on if there is lights in the front and back of the golf cart. Lights are
not expensive and most golf cart dealerships are able to assist in fitting these onto your carts.
Electronics such as USB ports to charge your mobile phone are also becoming a very big

Where can you service your Golf Cart in the Overberg area?

At Wedge Golf carts we provide brand new and second hand golf carts to the Western Cape region, Not only do we provide golf carts for golf courses, but also to resorts, hospitals, malls, airports, parks, wine farms and other commercial properties.

Golf carts are easy to recharge and maintain over a short or long period of time. Having fully qualified technicians on board that collect, deliver, maintain and repair your golf cart onsite or by bringing it in for more major repairs, is what we as Wedge Golf pride our selves in.

A level of service excellence on golf carts, that has been established in and around the Hermanus and greater Cape Town areas is part of our geographical region.

Our friendly and knowledgeable service team are ready to meet you and speak to you about your golf cart requirements, keep abreast of our social media presence on Facebook and Linkedin with our website, that will show our new and pre-owned golf carts that are for sale along with the maintenance and services that we as Wedge Golf carts have available for golfers and to golf courses.

Very importantly is the maintenance of your golf cart which would include the following 10 golf cart maintenance tips and aspects.

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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