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Golf cart accessories every golf cart owner should have?

Golf cart accessories are an integral part of enjoying your golf cart and there are always updates and changes in accessories that can make your golf experience just that much better. Read on to see what accessories we recommend.

1. Golf Cart Mirrors

Golf cart mirrors are one of the most useful accessory for a golf cart and one of the most underutilised accessories of all time. Just imagine reversing your vehicle without mirrors, makes no-sense does it. On many of the golf estates now, they are making this a requirement. If you do not have mirrors, you may not drive on the estate. A very useful feature is to have the side mirrors along with the central mirrors as well.  Apart from just being a safety measure, they are also fairly easy to install they need some good solid screws and glue to get them in and fixed.

2. Golf Cart Cover

Your golf cart needs protecting from the sun, birds and general external weather factors. There are two options when selecting a golf cart cover, you may either select a golf cart cover that has the zips and you can just zip that cover opening up to access the cart or you can have a cover that fits over the cart and has to be totally removed every time you use the cart. Golf cart covers often need to be customised according to your golf cart.

3. Golf Cart Windscreen

Golf cart windscreens can also act as a protective device from you and the external environment. Each golf cart has a different windscreen on the golf cart, the main choice is between a solid windscreen and split screen windscreen, the main difference is that the split screen windscreen allows the user, to have advantage of dropping it down when needs be and having the external elements on ones face, whilst the solid windscreen is fixed. Having that flexibility is a great feature to have.

4. Golf Cart Seats

This really is a great option to have and can increase the durability of you seats and come in a variety of colours, patterns and different options. Even the feel of your seats can make a big difference to your comfort level when using a golf cart. Seat covers can make your ride more comfortable. Seat covers are fairly easy to replace and another very cool option is a reupholstery of your existing seats, at Wedge Golf we often reupholster seats on a fairly regular basis.

Golf cart sand bottle in cape town and johannesburg
Sand Bottles and sand bottle holders

5. Golf Cart Accessories: Storage Options

Most golf carts come with fairly limited storage options, storage options need to be increased when it comes to a golf cart. Most these are options are needed to increase the functionality and enjoyment of the golfers game. Like golfers often don’t have a place to put the rake or the scorecard, or pegs, all these attachments are available and are important and often necessary accessories for ones golf cart.

6. Rear Golf Cart Seats

Many gofers want the additional back seat option added to their golf carts. This is a very popular option and often a necessary option.  You don’t need to get rid of your golf bags, just have the option of adding an additional 2 seats, making it a 4 seater, on the back of the two additional seats you can add a plate that holds two sets of golf clubs, so it’s a win-win where you can seat 4 people or 2 people and 2 sets of golf clubs.

7. Cold beverages?

Who doesn’t want a nice cold beverage whilst playing golf? Having the option of an a cold beverage whilst playing golf, could be the game changer you have always wanted and possibly needed. An electric cooler box can be added to your golf cart, taking it to a whole new level.

8. Golf Cart lights

Golf cart lights are probably the most important accessory you can invest in, not only will golf cart lights allow you to see in front of you but they will also allow other golfers to see you, having this safety feature on your golf cart is critical in making your golfing journey.

At Wedge Golf Carts

Choosing the right golf cart accessories is a very important choice when accessorising your golf cart. At Wedge Golf Carts we service most of the Western Cape, and parts and accessories makes up a big part of what we do. Make sure to contact our sales consultants to decide on this crucial element of your golf carts.

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Written by Nicholas J Snaith

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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