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What are the benefits of installing golf cart lithium batteries?

Golf cart lithium batteries

Golf cart batteries have come along way since the early days when lead-acid batteries were developed. In time everything evolves, there are research and development specialists changing, reconfiguring and developing batteries on a daily basis. The evolution of batteries has produced the Lithium battery.

Lithium battery attributes

Why should a golfer consider lithium batteries?

Imagine a battery that is 140kilograms lighter than the 6 lead-acid batteries they have been towing around under their seat for the last who knows how long for. Lithium batteries designed for golf carts are typically 30 – 40 kilograms making them so much lighter that their predecessors.

The impact that weight has on the rest of the golf cart is quite extraordinary indeed, your golf tyres have less weight pushing down and on them and hence will not have the same wear and tear over time. 140 kgs is a lot of weight in deed and this reduction in weight will also lead to a golf cart that is much faster, you immediately will feel a big difference with the handling of the golf cart. This loss of weight also transfers into greater number of kilometres as well, the golf cart will have more than enough power thanks to the power needed to move the golf cart over long distances.

Faster charging

Lithium batteries charge faster than lead-acid batteries what is more is that the charger for lithium batteries is a lot smaller unit than for the lug around lead-acid battery charger unit. In fact during installation Wedge Golf often install the charger into the under seat unit area.

Price for lithium batteries

Lithium batteries work in fact more cost efficient than lead-acid batteries, the initial outlay may be a bit more expensive but the life span and warranty explain it all. Golf cart lithium batteries typically have a charging cycle of 3500 times with Roypow Lithium batteries having a 5 year product design life warranty. 

Life span

Typically most lead-acid batteries last 5 years to 7 years depending on the quality of the batteries. Lithium golf cart batteries are closer to the 10 year mark and over.

Enjoy your golf and your golf cart!

At the end of the day, like everything else we are constantly improving every aspect of our lives, golf cart batteries are not any different. Lithium batteries over time will become more affordable and even better, this trend has already started and I strongly suggest doing the change. Once you’ve converted to lithium and they have been installed there’s no need going back.

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Written by Nicholas J Snaith

Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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