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Tips in choosing your golf cart batteries!

As a consumer one needs to know what to consider and how important are those factors concerning your new golf cart batteries.

Golf cart batteries Cape Town

At Wedge Golf we supply most of the Western Cape with golf cart batteries. We can recommend different batteries that may be suitable for you. One needs to consider the following factors when purchasing golf cart batteries.

Voltage of your golf cart batteries is important
Each golf cart is configured differently with a certain amount of power.

Golf cart battery capacity is paramount
This will dictate how much can be held in a single charge, so the higher the capacity the longer one can drive for.

Brand of golf cart batteries
Certain brands of golf cart batteries are just much better than other golf cart batteries, at Wedge Golf we will be able to advise accordingly.

Check the wires and terminals of your batteries
These have to be accessed on a fairly regular basis as they can also create a fire hazard after time.

Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Golf cart battery warranty and features
With batteries especially you really do get what you pay for, have a look at the warranty and take note on the reputation of certain batteries. The more you pay generally with batteries the better performance that you are going to be getting. If you look at lithium batteries as an example, yes I know these are expensive in general, but the charge life is a lot longer and also you really do get what you pay for here. The batteries do not need to be maintained, you do need to change the water. Take the weight as a consideration, lithium golf cart batteries are typically between 30 – 45 kgs for golf carts, this alone is a substantial drop and difference in weight in a golf cart. Batteries is big business and these manufacturers have research and development teams, mostly made up of engineers that work tirelessly in developing better and better batteries. This technology is developed to benefit us the golfing enthusiast.

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Written By Nicholas J Snaith

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