Electric golf carts run off batteries which are the heart and blood of your cart.  It is best to make it part of your routine check on them on regularly. 

Over Watering Mistakes

Filling Discharged Batteries
Never fill a battery that is flat or discharged and needs to be charged.  The reason for this is when a battery is discharged or flat the electrolyte level will naturally decrease.  When you charge your batteries your electrolyte level will increase.  If the water is level not at its full mark the battery can be topped up to the optimum level.  

There is only one instance that you should water your discharged batteries and it is when your plates are exposed.  Just add enough water to cover the plates, let it charge fully and then check on their level again.   

Golden Rules:

  1. Only use distilled water to top up your batteries.  Tap water contains minerals that can hurt your batteries.  Distilled water is best for your batteries and can be purchased at auto part shops and chemists. 
  2. Do not over-fill your battery.  Corrosive acid will spill out, damage your terminals causing build-up and water down the electrolyte of the acid in the water thus the battery will not have as much energy as it should.
  3. Avoid skin contact.  Avoid contact with the solution (electrolyte) in our battery, it is an acid and will burn your skin.

Under Watering Mistakes

What happens when you underwater your batteries
Golf cart that are exposed to prolonged periods of hot temperatures need to have their batteries checked more regularly as they will start to loose water exposing their plates to become dry or corroded.  This cannot be reversed because part of the battery is then damaged permanently, and it will then short out the entire battery. I is best advised to check on your battery on a regular basis as this can happen anywhere and besides it is cheaper than replacing your batteries.

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